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Strategic plan

FOCUS envisions a society where the rights of children and the vulnerable, whether women, minorities or others, are respected, are protected and free from discrimination, and they are empowered with the freedom and opportunity to participate in developing their own futures and government and non-government agencies safeguard and promote the rights of the vulnerable in a transparent manner and they are accountable to rights holders in the performance of these duties.

Thematic focus


Human Trafficking

  Child Abuse and violence against children


Gender equality


1. Thailand  : The Upper Northern Region of Thailand (Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lamphun, Lampang, Prae, Nan, Maehongson, Payao).

2. Myanmar : Tachilek and Kyaing Tong in Myanmar. 

3. Lao : Bokeo in Lao PDR.

Target group & Beneficiary

The vulnerable

The victims, Children and youth at risk / risk areas, Youth in the observation center, Ethnic workers, Migrant workers, etc.

The operator

Multi-Disciplinary team, Government officials, Practitioners in NGOs, Community leaders, Volunteer, Interpreter, etc.