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Projects & Activities

Protection of rights

In terms of protection, FOCUS’s project receives reports of human trafficking, investigates these cases, rescuing victims, helping them recover and return to normal lives. FOCUS’s case work is victim centred at all stages.


These services will be accountable to the vulnerable, ensure they are fairly treated by duty bearers and incorporate feedback from victims and vulnerable to ensure services meet their true needs and act as a medium for work based policy advocacy.

Legal Assistance

Legal Counselling for victims of human trafficking and abuse. Services for legal counselling of victims of human trafficking and abuse will continue to be arranged with an emphasis on ensuring adequate witness protection, facilitating the presentation of high quality testimonial evidence from victims and following up on the arrest and prosecution of human trafficking agents. The process of Victim Separation will continue to be of crucial importance. Genuine victims must be separated out from voluntary cases early on in the process if quality testimony and full cooperation of the witness is to be guaranteed.


Social work assistance


Social workers will provide counselling to victims in order to reduce stress and inform them of their present situation and options available to them and will run activities to help victims overcome their trauma, empower them, raise confidence and prevent future abuse.


Social workers will run activities to train victims in income generating activities to provide livelihoods once they leave the shelter. After a period of recovery, social workers will assist victims to reintegrate into their home environments and return to normal life.




Prevention : To prevent human trafficking and abuse by running public awareness raising campaigns that inform the general public of abuse, exploitation and human trafficking and encourage participation in activities such as surveillance, reporting of abuse, preventing abuse and providing protection for victims.

Youth Development


Both physical and online child safe spaces for at-risk children and youths to gain understanding strengthen determination and confidence to resist exploitation and abuse as well as interact safely without risking exploitation are developed.

Community Development

District, Sub-District & Community level workshops, particularly in high risk areas, with leaders of community level organizations, Child Protection Centres, Community Surveillance Centres  and community volunteers in order to strengthen their capacity to become duty bearers and rights defenders for the vulnerable in their communities, to combat human trafficking, abuse, exploitation of children, women, vulnerable.


Run workshops to enable vulnerable groups join together and build networks and partnerships with other groups faced with similar issues and claim their rights and improve negotiating power with duty bearers to have their rights respected and access to services improved


MDTs Development


FOCUS (TRAFCORD) will arrange provincial level meetings in the Upper North region in order to provide ongoing support, particularly in multi-disciplinary and legal fields to multi-disciplinary teams combating human trafficking and child abuse in each province mostly consisting of government and non-government social workers and shelter personnel as well as police.

To encourage and facilitate multi-disciplinary teams on the provincial level to conduct their own provincial operations to prevent and combat human trafficking and child abuse. Their activities will include receiving and verifying incident reports, planning rescue missions, providing medical, social and legal assistance.


Child Safe Friendly Tourism Project


Partnerships with hotels and tourism businesses to combat child sex tourism. This is joint activity between provincial MDTs and private sector, hotels and tourism businesses in order to raise awareness and prevent child sexual abuse and child sex tourism and to confirm a code of conduct to discourage tourists from seeking sexual services of children. Learn more atwww.childsafetourism.com


Cross-border Thai-Lao-Myanmar


Cross-Border (Myanmar, Laos) capacity building workshops: to exchange best practices, build bonds, develop and distribute media and extend MDT networks in the field of human trafficking and abuse, cross border through areas of origin, transit and destination.


Multimedia & Printed media




Develop publicity materials such as posters, stickers and print ads. Regularly update materials to reflect the current situation in coordination with government and non-government network partners. Produce printed media in Thai, Burmese, Lao and languages of ethnic minorities to disseminate important news and information for example how to report and how to seek advice and assistance from service providers.